“Buhari lives larger than life and his family so lavishly while we suffer here,” my friend indignantly said. He sounded so angry while  he was talking to me, as if he was slapped by a woman. I asked him, rather jokingly, “And how do you expect him to live?” He kept silent for a moment […]

On Money

Money. I don’t have it, but I think I will have it and I expect to have it. To be precise, I get it sometimes as everyone does, the size of the amount is immaterial. However, to have it, is a beautiful experience that I so much dread. Though I’ve said this, but I know […]


It is commonly believed, almost becoming a general belief, that when someone, particularly a loved one, is dying, one would come to feel it if happened to be strongly attached to the dying person, though in a way which is vaguely deep, intricate and extremely subtle. The information is transmitted through telepathic means which are […]

Ese, I Cry For You!

Ese, Or I say Aisha, I feel deeply sorry for you, and I truly can’t fathom the rate at which your feelings have been intensifying— from feeling of dismay to that of utter loss. You must be emotionally disillusioned and menatlly seized as well as traumatized from inside, at the moment. Your experience is grossly […]


I am Yunusa, Yes, I am that Yunusa Yellow, I’m from Kano State, in the Northern Nigeria, a region described, “a predominantly Muslim”. I’m 18 years old as you have been hearing around, though I’m not sure about it. In fact, I don’t know if I look a bad boy in the view and judgement […]


Do I know what I am? I don’t know. But, I know that I am much more of what I am, not because of my physical body, but of my spiritual element. However, both the body and the soul are indispensable. It is true that Self is but the body and its soul. Every human […]


Like a fading shadow so does Dunya fade away into the oblivion of the past. Do not fall in love with it. It will deceive you the same way the shadow deceives that who takes a rest beneath its cool dark. A sober reflection on and a deep thought into the nature of human life […]


O My Son, be calm, be still and be at peace. I’m Your Mother. I’ve been missing you as much as you have been missing me. I’m here to take you along with me and disburden you of the log of sorrows, anguishes and pains you have been carrying upon your fragile and imprisoned soul […]


I saw myself walking on a street, with few vehicles moving on and along the road and few peaple were going about their businesses. I was visiting a friend of mine. As I walked, I came across a place that looked like a marketplace, crowded by peaple from all angles—passers-by, buyers, traders, window-shoppers, etc. The […]